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Reality Check Radio on Spike Detox

      November 2023 I spoke with Natalie Cutler-Welsh on Reality Check Radio about coming out of the Thailand exile, having a strong sense that my work was not done in New Zealand. From 20 years running a pharmaceutical company and the last 5 specifically negotiating with government on toxicology testing I was concerned…

Labyrinth Circus Poster

Immersive Theatrical Experience

Artwork by Melody Cleave “You awaken to find yourself in a Labyrinth. Shifting walls opening to alternate realities. Three worlds of Steampunk, Fantasy & Mythology collide. Arrive costumed to blend into those themes & ready for an Immersive Theatrical Experience, as a multizoned dance party with full sound, light and magic systems unfolds around you.”…

Detoxing Spikes in Divisive Thinking.

In today’s fragmented world, public communications face a major challenge: inclusivity. Our audience is divided by different beliefs, and traditional information channels are increasingly polluted by corporate marketing, war propaganda and social algorithims. As someone who has experienced diverse cultures and perspectives, from North to South and East to West, I have learned to appreciate…

Starboy Eternity

Starboy Eternity Trilogy (1/3) Zac Blair’s beautiful cinematic creation depicts a steampunk world of sleeping citizens where a lone child searches for help after spotting an impending alien invasion. Eternity began as New Zealand’s most ambitious rock video but soon became interdimensional story telling of a different league.